Bridging Loan for Property Development

Bridging loans utilised in property development serve to bridge the financial gap between asset acquisition and sale, providing funding for construction and refurbishment. projects endeavors.

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What is Bridging Finance ?

A short-term loan for property developers and investors looking for quick funds to bridge the gap.

A bridging loan is a short-term loan used to help borrowers ‘bridge the gap’ when they want to buy property, but are waiting for funds to become available from the sale of something else. Bridging loans are usually used by property investors, landlords and developers usually use them for property development, auction finance, tax liabilities, renovation, and development, investing in buy-to-let opportunities, buying property etc.

Bridging finance can be secured against residential, commercial, semi-commercial or land-related assets and transactions. The main difference between a regular loan and a bridging loan is the time that it takes to organise the funds. They are typically a go-to source for individuals and businesses looking for quick, flexible and secure transactions.

What does bridging finance include:

There are several types of short-term bridging loans for property professionals requiring a fast and flexible financing solution. Here are a few bridging loan examples.

Residential Bridging Finance

Residential bridging finance is a short-term loan solution that helps property developers and investors bridge the gap between buying a new home and selling their existing one.

Auction Finance

Auction finance is a specialised short-term funding solution designed to help property developers and investors to secure the necessary funds rapidly for purchasing properties at auctions.

Land with Planning

A bridging loan for land with planning provides short-term financing to facilitate the purchase of a property where planning permission has already been granted, allowing for swift acquisition and potential development.

Commercial Bridging Finance

Commercial bridging finance is designed to assist businesses in securing fast and flexible capital for various purposes, such as property acquisition, expansion, or refinancing, while awaiting longer-term funding or asset sales.

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