Financing an Auction Property

Expertise, speed, and flexibility are essential for auction finance, particularly when facing a tight 28-day deadline for completing your purchase at auction.

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Auction Finance

Unlock the potential of swift and strategic property purchases with our specialised auction finance solutions. Tailored for those seeking to navigate the dynamic world of property auctions, our financial offerings ensure an easy and efficient transaction process, aligning perfectly with the tight timelines set by auction houses.

Why Auction Finance?

In property acquisition at auctions, time is of the essence. Traditional mortgages often need to catch up due to stringent deadlines or property conditions, making auction finance the strategic choice for those looking to secure a winning bid. Our financial solutions empower you to act swiftly, with transactions typically concluding within 14 or 28 days, in harmony with auction house requirements. The array of properties available at auctions presents a tapestry of investment opportunities. Whether you’re eyeing residential, commercial, or semi-commercial properties or land with planning potential, our auction finance solutions adapt to your diverse property preferences.

Product features Include:

How we can help?

As a master broker headquartered in central London, FinSpace is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of Auction Finance. With access to a network of over 130+ lenders covering the UK and Wales, our team of 30+ experts guides you through the application process. We package your application, ensuring market-leading competitive rates tailored to your unique circumstances.

Ready to pave the way to your property investment success? Request a callback and let FinSpace be your strategic ally in Auction Finance.

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