Residential Bridging Finance

Residential bridging loans are the purchase of properties for investment purposes, excluding personal occupancy.

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What is Bridging Finance?

A residential bridging loan is designed for purchases, refurbishments, or refinances of residential properties. It is a short-term funding solution secured against either residential or commercial assets. This funding option can be typically used when a property transaction chain has broken. Whether the finance is required for buying at auction, funding structural works and ground-up developments or simply refinancing for cash-flow purposes, FinSpace’s tailored approach will help to ensure clients receive the best market rates. From the straightforward to the more complex, our consultants treat each case separately and tailor a solution to suit our clients.

A regulated bridging loan is often used to finance residential purchases and is regulated if you currently live, plan to live or have ever lived in any of the properties you are offering as security. On the other hand, an unregulated bridging loan is used when none of the securities being used for the loan is your home or a home you plan to or have lived in. Examples could be a buy-to-let or commercial property, or land for development.

In most cases, it is necessary to have an exit plan in place to guarantee the repayment of the finance in a secure manner. There are several avenues for concluding a bridging loan, including the sale of the primary or investment property or opting for a longer-term mortgage through refinancing. Additionally, you could consider liquidating other investments, such as stocks or secondary properties, or even utilising an inheritance to meet the repayment obligations.

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