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Homeownership is one of the important milestones to achieve, and finding the right mortgage deal can make a world of a difference. Our mission is to empower you to make informed decisions about your home financing, and our powerful mortgage comparison calculator is your trusted ally in this endeavour. Our unique tool offers a dual advantage.

Firstly, it assists you in determining whether it’s the right time to change your mortgage deal, even if you currently have an early repayment charge on your existing rate. Secondly, our calculator aids in comparing one mortgage deal against another, considering both the interest rate and arrangement fees. You can easily understand and choose which deal is the most cost-effective, ensuring that you’re making the right choice. Your path to smarter, more affordable homeownership starts here with FinSpace.

How does the Mortgage Comparison Calculator work?

Our calculator analyzes your mortgage details and compares them to some of the best deals on the market. It helps you determine if you can save money by switching your mortgage, even if you have an early repayment charge.

What factors does the calculator consider when comparing mortgage deals?

The calculator takes into account both the interest rate and arrangement fees, providing you with a comprehensive view of the overall cost of each mortgage deal.

How can FinSpace's expert advisers assist me?

Our experienced advisers are available to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about the mortgage comparison process. They'll help you make informed decisions to secure the best mortgage deal for your needs.

Can I trust the results from the mortgage comparison calculator?

Yes, you can trust the results from our mortgage comparison calculator. We base our calculations on accurate and up-to-date data from the mortgage market. However, the actual terms and conditions of mortgage deals may vary, so consult with our team of financial advisors. Our calculator is an excellent starting point for your research and decision-making process.

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