How To Get Planning Permission On Agriculture Land

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Getting planning permission on agricultural land is challenging and filled with risks and uncertainty. This is because both local authorities and government have a duty to protect lands in the UK, farming industries, and more generally, our way of life.

If you have acquired agricultural land (also known as green field sites), this blog will help you understand the fundamentals of how to get planning permission and any pitfalls you may come across. Buying land at a competitive price seems to be the easiest way to build margins in a development project. That is the reason many people bring green field sites into focus. Keeping these reasons in mind, we have put together this straightforward guide for getting planning permission on agricultural land.

Let’s begin;

Typical Definition of Agriculture Land

Typically, agricultural land is dedicated to the controlled use of other forms of life, such as the nurturing of livestock and the production of crops. It is synonymous with both farmland and cropland.

Issues Related to Agriculture Land

The definition is that agricultural land has been designated for crop production, keeping livestock, or other agriculture-related commercial activities. But with farming on the decline in the UK, farmland may be becoming surplus and can be bought cheaply. With housing shortages at an all time high, well-positioned farmland may form a valuable investment as future building plots. That said, there is still a need to be able to produce food and drink domestically. What’s more, green field sites are essential to protect our country’s green spaces, its aesthetic beauty and our way of life.

That’s why the rules around granting planning permission to build on greenfield sites are challenging. There are two major reasons that planning consent is required:

  • Change of use of the land or buildings from agriculture to the formation of a new building on the land.
  • Erection of a new building on the land.

If you are considering making a change to the use of the land, it is highly recommended that you speak to an expert adviser who can guide you towards a successful application. At Finspace, our team has years of experience as land agents for residential development in the UK.  Not only can we help you derive a solid plan for the planning application process, but we will also ensure that you obtain the best possible funding for the project.

Actions Require Before Applying For Planning Permission

Review Local Policies

To obtain planning permission on agricultural land smoothly, you must do a fair amount of research. If you have proper notes in hand, then you may find that opportunity exists to build a property of some sort.

Connect With Owner

You can contact the owner of the land before getting planning permission to find out more about the area and planning rules.

Keep Rules in Mind

Professional architects and planners can help guide you through the difficult process of obtaining planning permission.

The Verdict

Getting planning permission on agricultural land is not easy so first speak to a specialist who understands the regulations so that you make an application that works.

If you would like us to help with your project, please don’t hesitate to contact the Finspace Group expert.

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