Multi Unit Freehold Block Mortgage

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Multi Unit Freehold Block Mortgage

The growing opportunity in multi unit freehold block mortgages

A multi-unit freehold block is a type of freehold property that is divided into individual flats with single lease. There are lots of benefits of multi unit freehold block that include; ICR (interest cover ratio) typically based on overall rental value, interest repayments methods are available, it may be possible to find finance on multi unit blocks. Not only this, but it can be available up to a maximum of 75% of the property value.

At Finspace, multi-unit freehold block mortgages have following advantages;

  • Lending all across England and Wales
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Mixed repayment methods
  • Suitable for both landlords and Limited companies.
Large Portfolio Refinance / Restructuring

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Capital Raises

If a client has a suitably lowly-geared property portfolio a Capital Raise can be a good way for the client to access funds for onward business investment. The majority of Capital Raises are used for property investment, whether that be expanding the property investment portfolio or extracting funds for a property development project
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Multiple Asset Classes

Complex mortgages can be arranged to cover the vast majority of asset classes. These facilities can be arranged with one mortgage which covers the mixed asset classes or they can be broken up into separate ownership structures with a mortgage that covers each one. Which way these are arranged is generally guided by the client's current or future tax commitments Read more.

Complex Ownership Structures

Long Term Finance can be arranged for most ownership structures whether they are on or off-shore and there can often be large group chains that need to be assessed. Mortgages can be arranged for the vast majority of these and the LTV’s are similar to standard product ranges Read more.

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